Rabu, 20 April 2011

This is my speech about R.A KARTINI

Jika ingat hari kartini,pasti aku terkenang masa-masa dimana aku mengikuti lomba pidato(speech contest) berbahasa inggris untuk memperingati hari Kartini antar sekolah tempo dulu...hehehe...untung saja peserta laki-laki tidak dianjurkan memakai kebaya ^_^ HAHAHA...Yang menjadi kenangan terindah yaitu aku bisa menjadi finalisnya dan membawa pulang juara 1 ;)
Lucunya saat pengumuman pemenangnya dan namaku disebut,aku buru-buru lari ke kamar kecil(dasar masih culun,hahha),aku malu bercampur panas dingin karena ribuan pasang mata yang hadir saat itu mengarah padaku...Akhirnya aku meminta teman perempuanku untuk mewakilkan menerima trophy tersebut... :))
Berikut ini text pidato yang aku bawakan tersebut...

    Talking about indonesian women problem,we can not let it go from the history of indonesian women struggle in the past,that was movements by women,like R.A Kartini, Dewi sartika, Cut nyak dien, Nyi Ageng serang, etc. Those women aroused women spirit  to get out from foolness and oppression, to make woman dignity and prestige became equal at the same level with men.So,we can see that Indonesian woman now is forward looking.
   One of them,that is R.A Kartini as one the indonesian woman hero, that was born on 21 April 1879 in Jepara had a charming personality, progressive thinking and smart.
   In her time, Kartini lived and raised in a feudal neighbourhood that put woman in a low position. So that made her must in secluded. But in that secluded time,with her analyze ability come up a thought that she wanted to get out from suffering. She realised that was from woman foolness itself and man egoistic.
   From that Kartini thought that woman need an education, so that they can catch up the fact fallen behind man now. Due to Kartini spirit,now there are many major,minister,and maybe one day they also can be a president. But that progressive don't make women forget about their nature as a woman that has responsibility to be a housewife, and also they should take care of their family.
   Woman have an important role in the family, it's mean that for the progressive of intellectual nation,because in a mother hand can make a new generation who will continue the national development. 
   If we see the national condition right now,we are in bad economy and political crisis, many women being fired and the society lack of trust to the goverment, and it cause a bad impact to the society existence. Many riots happened, like in Jakarta, Ambon, Sambas, Banyuwangi, etc. And because of that, many women became a victim of violences. So, we as a strong Indonesian women will not willing if our nation  buried in continuous crisis. Let's Indonesian women stick together to build this country, teach your generations, create a peaceful situation in our beloving country, "INDONESIA"

Thank you very much for your kind attention to read to my speech.... :D
I close my speech by saying EMUUUUAAAHH WASSALAM..... ;)